Bondi KaHuna Masssage, Hawaiian Massage Sydney, Sydney KaHuna Massage
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KaHuna Massage

What is KaHuna massage?


I’ve spent ten years trying to figure out how to explain KaHuna massage to clients in Sydney. But it’s hard to put some things into words. How do you explain the kind of nurturing that you experience during a KaHuna? The sense of being held, cradled, rocked and loved back into all that you are? Not by me, but by mother earth, or something greater than just us. Or the ease you feel when you go back in to your life more embodied, less tangled up in your thinking, more grounded and centred than when you arrived?


KaHuna Massage was created by a radical Hawaiian Kahuna called Abraham Kawaii. He developed it as transformational bodywork, both for the giver and receiver. He drew on traditional Hawaiian massage, or lomi lomi; Hawaiian martial arts, and Hula. He travelled the world, controversially teaching non-Hawaiians, and spread this amazing work, even as far as Bondi!


Why choose Bondi KaHuna?

So, why have a KaHuna? And why with me? I’ve been a bodyworker for ten years now. I started massaging when I started studying psychology, ten years ago. I never really intended to be a bodyworker, but true to Abraham’s intention, it has been radically transforming for me, and once I started, I couldn’t stop. It has helped me find a stillness, peace and love I didn’t know I needed.


Now, combined with a passion for understanding my own and general human experience, I work with the body and the mind to help you live a better, easier, more embodied life. KaHuna can help. It’s not a silver bullet, a panacea for all your troubles. But it can give you breathing space, and it has a little bit of magic, that is really hard to put in to words.